Trucks and traffic are major environmental and safety concerns in our neighbourhoods. Over 2600 trucks pass through King Edward avenue EVERYDAY. It has become a living nightmare for residents. With each passing day, we face the risk of a truck hitting someone or toppling over. We’re looking at 20 to 30 years of wait time before a tunnel gets built. It is crucial to explore parallel solutions to handle growing traffic problem. We cannot afford more decades of inaction.

My plan

  • Explore a partial truck ban: force trucks to use another route for certain days or hours
  • Ban 18 wheelers: only allow smaller trucks
  • Institute tolls for trucks on King Edwards. Reinvest the money in for sound and vibration control and safety measures for pedestrians
  • Work with the provincial government to revisit the bridge proposal. A bridge can be build in less than 4 years. Studies have already been done to explore suitable locations, Duck Island could be an option.
  • Encourage smaller trucks for local deliveries: design terminals where large trucks can download to smaller vehicle
  • Exploring the possibility of roundabouts to slow car traffic down at certain intersections
  • Add more speed bumps and lower speed limits
  • Use crowdsourcing: allow residents to propose public works projects and raise funds to improve local problem spots. Funds can be matched by the city
  • Encourage alternative modes of transportation. See my Pedestrian and Bike infrastructure plan here


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