Ottawa pays some of the highest taxes per capita in the country. Yet, we still struggle with providing adequate services. We need to revise our city’s approach to money management to deliver real value for taxpayers.

My commitment

  • Fight harder for tax dollars to be spent in Ward 12 – be responsive to opportunities that arise
  • Push for a full Budget Review: Bring in experts who specialize in making corporations leaner to find efficiencies
  • Diversify: explore new sources of revenues beyond city taxes and building permits
  • If we still cannot find efficiencies, then I would consider a small tax increase to ensure we meet the needs of residents
  • Alleviate the impact of property taxes by expanding tax relief initiatives like the Low Income Seniors and Disabled Persons Tax Deferral Program

Read my Business, Economic Growth and Jobs Plan

There’s a lot at stake this election. The choice we make on October 22 will determine our future. Join us. Together, we will bring change to City Hall. Sign up to receive updates, volunteer or donate today.

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