The enrollment at UOttawa nearly doubled in the past 10 years and this has put a strain on the Sandy Hill community. We need to better control bunkhouses but we must also be proactive in addressing the underlying need they tend to serve: the lack of affordable housing for students.

My plan

Institute landlord licensing

  • Strict criteria on the number of rooms allowed and a mandatory minimum amount of shared living space
  • Limited number of licenses given out
  • Force landlords to develop a maintenance plan (trash management, noise, cleanliness, fire safety, etc.)
  • Regular inspections and steep penalties for infractions (such as heavy fines and a loss of the license for repeat offenders).

Build affordable housing for students

  • Work with the university to develop quality, affordable student accommodations, in partnership with the city.
  • Decentralize accommodations across the city and  provide incentives such as free public transportation to help offset costs for students

Promote better relations between all parties

  • Work to retain the vibrant diversity of town and gown neighbourhoods like Sandy Hill by encouraging and valorize positive contributions of students


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