Building safe, age-friendly communities across Ward 12.

My plan

  • Improve the safety of our streets: read my crime and safety plan here
  • Seniors Protection and Advocacy Task Force: put mechanisms in place to protect seniors from elder abuse, fraud, theft and other threats
  • Protect the financial security for seniors in subsidized housing: reduce the percentage that can be taken for Rent-Geared-to-Income after they turn 65
  • Tax relief homeowners: expand the Low Income Seniors and Disabled Persons Tax Deferral Program to allow more people to defer paying taxes
  • Push for free transportation for seniors, everyday outside rush hour and weekends
  • Reduce isolation:  partner with community centres to develop socializing opportunities
  • Improve access to internet in nursing homes: provide tablets to help seniors access online resources and communicate with family
  • Empower seniors: help them develop positive initiatives for their communities by connecting them to available funding
  • Nutritional programs and food security: expand access to fresh food for seniors
  • Work with businesses to establish senior-friendly shopping areas
  • Identify and repair trip hazards across the ward
  • Regular seniors town hall meetings to hear concerns and address issues
  • More housing units that address the affordable housing and accessibility needs of seniors. See my plan for housing here.
  • Ensure better emergency housing options for seniors in times of crisis
  • Expand options for bilingual seniors homes
  • Work to create an LGBT+ friendly seniors home: a safe place to age in dignity

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