Our current planning system just isn’t working for our communities and I believe it’s time to change the rules at City Hall.

My proposal

  • Divide the current planning committee into two groups: Urban and Suburban. Urban proposals should be voted on by urban councillors
  • Open Consultation: Require an open and transparent process for building proposals from day one, before a proposal can move ahead. The Gunning Principles of Consultation provide a good base: Consultation must take place at a formative stage, feedback must be taken into account (the burden of proof is on the officials, not the community), etc.
  • Force disclosure of lobbying activities and gifts for city staff and officials in the planning department
  • End spot zoning: introduce hard limits consistent with Community development plans
  • Require developers to post bonds to cover damage to adjacent properties prior to obtaining building approval
  • Institute Landlord Licensing to help control negligent landlords and the number of Airbnb units

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There’s a lot at stake this election. The choice we make on October 22 will determine our future. Join us. Together, we will bring change to City Hall. Sign up to receive updates, volunteer or donate today.