We’ve seen a deterioration of public transit over recent years. We pay some of the highest transit fare in North America yet our buses are constantly late, overcrowded, or no-shows. It shouldn’t be up to the community to solve these problems. It’s time to expect more from our politicians.

My plan

  • Hold OC Transpo accountable: lead a performance review of OC Transpo’s management and efficiency
  • Put in place damage mitigation measures that address the impact of the LRT delays
  • Expand frequency of service and routes – our growing urban area is severely underserved
  • Make users a priority: Focus on customer service and promote a culture of excellence by emphasizing quality control, clear measures of success and accountability in how we manage public transit
  • Support citizen-led Riders Unions and other group that advocate for the rights of transit users
  • Work to with Para Transpo to implement an online booking system to eliminate long wait times with phone bookings and make service more accessible to those with hearing impairments
  • Support reduced fares for students, seniors and all low-income residents
  • Expand public transit options: explore the idea of a heritage streetcar line
  • Advocate for a future LRT line with service to Vanier, an area with one of the highest public transit user rates in Ottawa
  • Explore opening public transit to competition: see if independent companies can provide better service at a lower cost

There’s a lot at stake this election. The choice we make on October 22 will determine our future. Join us. Together, we will bring change to City Hall. Sign up to receive updates, volunteer or donate today.