Our community is a bastion for Francophone culture in Ontario. I will develop this asset to its fullest by marketing us as the premier destination for francophone culture, business and investment.

My plan

  • Develop a vision for an International French District in the heart of Vanier:  Shops, restaurants and activities that showcase francophone culture from Canada and the world
  • Tap into francophile tourism: work with partners to develop travel guides that valorize the unique French heritage of each areas (Lowertown, Sandy Hill, Vanier)
  • Promote bilingualism and Francophonie as an economic advantage for our city
  • Encourage bilingual business development. See my Business and Economic Growth plan here
  • Valorize our past: promote our heritage through city-sponsored initiatives, such as historical photo exhibits
  • Support the integration of immigrants into the local community and secure funding for community and cultural associations to support newcomers
  • Work with employers to encourage the hiring of bilingual staff
  • A strategic plan to promote and expand access to city services in French


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