Ottawa is diverting only 42.5% of its waste, way behind other leading municipalities and has failed to act on climate change, one of the most important issues of our generation. We must do better. Canada has built a reputation for its natural beauty and being green should be a way of life for the Nation’s Capital.

My plan

  • Create a deep energy retrofit program – pilot a program for the city’s own buildings and work towards expanding city-wide to reduce energy use in buildings on a large scale
  • Make Ottawa a destination for green businesses and green jobs: attract investment for innovation so we can develop the next technologies in the nation’s capital to address environmental problems worldwide
  • Better trash management: push for weekly garbage pick-up for summer months
  • Put a price on polluting: work towards a pay-as-you-throw-away system
  • Develop a Frequent Recycler Rewards Program offering incentives to promote recycling
  • Push for Free Biodegradable bin liners provided by the City
  • Increase the number of public recycling bins
  • Incentives, such as tax breaks for green developments: non-green buildings can be big polluters, responsible for up to 40% of a city’s energy use and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Revise Official Plan to make low-carbon development a priority for all infrastructure developments
  • Make climate action a priority on council: increase funding and staffing to fight climate change, ensure implementation of a Climate Adaptation Plan and integrate climate change mitigation into all city projects.
  • Analyze how the environment impacts our city’s budget: Environmental stewardship can positively impact the bottom-line of our city – Climate change can have negative financial effects – unexpected spending from tornados, storms, flooding, snow removal and drought.
  • Better tracking and measuring: measure our trash output and increase the frequency of reporting on community-wide climate emissions. Set clear goals so we can work towards long-term sustainability
  • More incentives for resident, such as energy retrofit loans, green roof tax credits and expedited permits to make existing buildings greener
  • Create an innovation fund for green technology start-ups
  • Improve public transit service to increase ridership and get more cars off the road
  • Improve bike and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Invest in the electrification of transport: Add more charging stations, more electric buses to OC Transpo’s fleet
  • Inspire transit users: partners with companies and environmental groups to promote the concept of electric mobility (electric bikes, scooters etc.)
  • Eliminate parking fees for 100 per cent electric vehicles
  • Market being green: Develop a city-wide campaign to encourage residents to keep trash out of landfills
  • Protect our trees: respect and enforce the Urban Forest management plan, increase fines for cutting trees without permission and fight for long-term, sustained investments in our urban forests
  • Prioritize green space preservation and protection as part of the planning process
  • Invest in green spaces: Look beyond city funding, explore the possibility of obtaining civic investments and donations from private foundations to revitalize our spaces and make our community greener
  • Beautify our arteries with plants and trees – Montreal Road, King Edward avenue, McArthur avenue, Rideau street and others

There’s a lot at stake this election. The choice we make on October 22 will determine our future. Join us. Together, we will bring change to City Hall. Sign up to receive updates, volunteer or donate today.