Our ward now has a violent crime rate that’s 3.5 times higher than anywhere else in the city. We can’t afford to double down on my opponent’s approach for another 4 years. During my time as a Member of the Ottawa Police Community Advisory Group, I built a good relationship with our police force and I believe it will serve as a key asset once on council.

My commitment

  • More foot patrols and beat cops for areas in need
  • Focus on progressive policing approaches that foster trust and inclusion
  • Emphasize community policing and hold more events where the police and public can interact socially
  • Work to eliminate racial discrimination
  • Develop a pilot program to reduce aggressive panhandling such as what Winnipeg implemented
  • Push to increase the diversity of our police force so it reflects our community
  • Empower our community: hire community organizers to do outreach on the streets and develop supports for high-risk persons
  • Crime prevention through environmental design, such as improved street lighting
  • Eliminate open-air drug use in Ward 12 — See my plan to reduce the impact of hard drugs on our community here
  • Make better use of our community centres: Collaborate with local groups to develop innovative crime prevention programs for youth, the homeless and at-risk individuals
  • Address the relationship between police and those with mental health conditions and advocate for better training
  • Work with police to allocate more resources to address street harassment and gender-based violence
  • Support hiring more women in the police force: women currently make up only 23% of police officers in Ottawa
  • More LGBT+ focused safety and crime prevention initiatives and push for a city-wide anti-discrimination campaign


There’s a lot at stake this election. The choice we make on October 22 will determine our future. Join us. Together, we will bring change to City Hall. Sign up to receive updates, volunteer or donate today.