Our city and its services should be accessible to everyone. I plan on promoting the principles of universal design across all city planning and infrastructure projects.

My commitment:

  • All city services should be accessible: implement Civic User Testing Groups to test current systems for accessibility
  • All streets should be accessible: identify and fix hazards
  • Work with Para Transpo to increase the booking windows: allow users to book trips earlier than 24hrs. Users should be able to book trips months in advance (in the case of a medical appointment, for example)
  • Work with Para Transpo to implement an online booking system to eliminate long wait-times and better service those with hearing impairments
  • Work with the University of Ottawa to improve accessibility on campus
  • Better employment support (such as training programs) for people with disabilities.
  • Work to develop incentives for properties and business owners to install ramps, accessible washrooms and more
  • Push for wider sidewalks in high traffic areas
  • Push for better winter maintenance: clearing walkways and paths before roads and priority clearing for residents with accessibility needs
  • Work with Tourism Ottawa to develop a comprehensive accessibility-focused travel guide
  • Increase affordable accessible units: extra incentives for developers that incorporate both
  • Improve cooperation between different levels of government to ensure a seamless accessible experience

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